Team Members & Contributors

This serves to outline the main team and contributors working at ACYC. We are ever expanding to bring on the best minds in the space.
ACYC is not centralized around any individual creator or developer. Instead, it is the summation of many extremely bright minds across different fields. We currently have a team consisting of traders, farmers, developers, marketers, project managers, and community leaders.
Our team is ever expanding as we bring on more advisors, who will all add their own value to our ecosystem. The team is thoroughly committed, long term, to the growth and success of ACYC. All decisions are made by the core team, but we expect to eventually implement a kind of DAO-governance model.
ACYC's team strikes a balance between decentralized and centralized. Our team is decentralized enough to not have any single point of failure. There is no individual that if for any reason left ACYC, or became incapable of working on ACYC, would render ACYC inoperable upon departure. While we have supreme confidence in each of our team members, our organization has been intentionally setup to be resilient to these types of extenuating circumstances, as we have seen other protocols fall apart due to the failure or untimely departure of a single team member. Conversely, our team is still centralized enough to make decisions in a timely and effective manner. It is important to remain mobile enough to take advantage of rapidly changing market conditions, and to continue building ACYC with the speed and precision provided by our core team.
Here is a list of most of the members currently on the ACYC team, and a brief description of how they contribute - with more member details to be added shortly. Nate Rivers
Chief Strategy Officer
Twitter: @nate_rivers
Nate is the main token and NFT trader for ACYC. His skills doing so are completely unmatched in the NFT space, and he is very well known for his trading prowess.
Nate has years of experience under his belt managing massive funds. He has a background in sales, marketing, and strategizing for large-scale commercial operations. With years navigating the space, Nate uses his skills and connections to recognize investment opportunities where others can't.
The Boggartt
Chief Operating Officer
Twitter: @theboggartt
The Boggartt oversees all of the upper level management of ACYC, as well as contributing to the trading of the treasury where applicable.
He is a well known community and team manager, with backgrounds in business and many years of experience navigating cryptocurrency markets. He spent the last bear market cycle honing his skills in trading and recognizing valuable investments across many markets.
Chief Technical Officer
Twitter: @lexomis
Lexomis is the engineering head at ACYC. He crafts and optimizes our smart contracts, website, and product suite of investment protocols.
He is an Ethereum native blockchain-master, who has finely crafted his skills in technological operations and protocol creation. He has a vast scope of knowledge related to everything regarding cryptocurrency and technical development.
Chief Financial Officer
Twitter: @1337member
IAmBullish manages the internal auditing and accounting of ACYC, expertly managing fund allocations.
He is a finance forward mind who has navigated crypto markets, and managing finances at scale, for countless years. His experience with blockchain development, his experience with financial services from before the inception of Bitcoin to now, give him the acumen to masterfully manage finances at all levels.
Chief Communications Officer
Twitter: @rbsnfts
RBsNFTs manages all of the investor relations at ACYC, organizing and systemizing investor interests in the protocol.
With a background in traditional Venture Capitalist investment funds, RB is an expert at managing, negotiating, and organizing engagements with high-level investors and firms. His abilities to organize and strategize financial complexities allows him to manage investor relations extremely effectively.
Community Advisor
Twitter: @clerkclirk
Clerk handles community relations and outreach for ACYC. He has a wonderful reputation in the space that allows for extremely valuable connections to be made for the protocol.
He is an extremely well connected community spokesperson, with deep ties in the NFT and crypto markets. His range of connections and experience in community operations makes him perfectly suited to engage in forward facing operations.
Uncle Pennybags
Chief Farming Officer
Twitter: @realpennybags
Pennybags is the main farming operator at ACYC - managing the bulk of yield farming fund allocations. He is a master at the craft, and his skills doing so are truly unparalleled. He has the ability and talent to scale farming funds to massive levels while remaining consistently yielding.
He has been trading and reading markets through several bear and bull cycles, managing funds of all sizes and sharpening his market perception. His experience in DeFi yield farming is unmatched, and his connections to the crypto and NFT markets are leveraged to both stay informed ahead of market trends, and capitalize on those opportunities.
Chief Marketing Officer
Twitter: @wallststonks
WallStreetStonks oversees the larger marketing plans and collaborations for ACYC. His skills in messaging and branding are extremely valuable for sharing ACYC to new and large audiences.
He is the man behind the WallStreetStonks TikTok and YouTube channels, which have both amassed significant followings. He studied the science behind how people perceive information, and is in charge of making sure the right people hear the right message at the right time. With 10+ years of experience in the marketing industry, he’s bringing his expertise to the crypto and NFT space here at ACYC.
Derek the Designer
Graphic Design Artist
Twitter: @DesignByDerek
Derek's abilities to create appealing and aesthetic designs, from Twitter posts, to entire website redesigns, has shaped the face of ACYC. His talents designing are incredible, as evidenced by the content ACYC releases.
He has been creating and designing for over 15 years. He’s been the lead designer for years at a successful tech startup that's worked with many of the top Fortune 500 companies. He’s helped brand dozens of businesses, worked with large YouTube channels and podcasts, and had his work featured in several large publications throughout his career.
Graphic Design & Animation
Twitter: @FinaMusa
Fruitcake has an amazing ability to bring content to life with stellar animation and graphic design skill. He has greatly enhanced our ability to communicate complex ideas in ways that are easy to understand and engaging to watch.
Marketing Team
Twitter: @DexterityShow
DexterityShow is responsible for note taking on the ACYC Twitter Spaces, contributing meme-content to our Community Twitter page, and actively engages in spreading awareness of ACYC to various online communities.
Marketing Team
Twitter: @NessFTk
Ness helps create content for ACYC's Medium blog, YouTube, webpages, and more. His abilities are focused on providing ACYC content that is both educational and engaging, helping provide meaningful content for both experienced DeFi users and people new to the sector.
Twitter: @BellyFlopClub
BellyFlopClub has many years experience in web development and engineering. He has come on to the ACYC engineering team to help orchestrate the construction of our back-end for the website, as well as to help develop protocols like Pan, Dione, and Mimas. He is extremely skilled and is a huge asset to ACYC's team of engineers.