$ACYC Redistribution Structure

ACYC is unique in our ability to return investment profits to holders in full, with no added steps.

FaaS protocols often redistribute profits by means of a process of taxation on buys and/or sales, called Reflections. Our protocol has the functionality for this, but also has the unique ability to distribute the full amount of tokens we purchase with Pond returns entirely to $ACYC holders. Similar protocols offer a much lower percentage of returns from purchases, and mostly return investment profits to their holders by buying back their tokens at market - incurring the aforementioned taxes/reflections. This, or their mechanisms for profit redistribution require manual claiming and rebasing of the tokens. ACYC is not limited to just this mechanism of profit redistribution as other protocols are.

ACYC has the unique ability to take all of the tokens that we purchase at market with protocol deposits/returns/profits, and redistribute them entirely to everyone holding $ACYC in a process known as manual reflections. So not only do we perform buybacks like other protocols, but we also return all of those tokens to our holders in blasts of manual reflections.

By doing this, we are able to provide exponentially larger amounts of returns from ACYC Ponds returns to our holders than other protocols do from their trading, many of which rely simply on purchasing taxes (which are lower than ours anyways) to return profits. We do that too, then take all of those purchased tokens and distribute them instantly as well, reflecting harder than any other protocol can.

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