How to Buy $ACYC

ACYC is currently available for trade on Uniswap, Bitmart, and Bkex.

The following is a guide for how to purchase $ACYC on Uniswap.

Step 1: Create an ETH wallet

Register an Ethereum wallet on MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. Fund your wallet using $ETH from an exchange such as Coinbase, Kraken or Binance. Always ensure to have more $ETH than the amount you plan on spending in your wallet, in order to cover gas fees.

Step 2: Connect your wallet to Uniswap and import the $ACYC token

Connect your Ethereum wallet to the Uniswap platform using the wallet application you downloaded (if you are using Metamask, navigate to the Uniswap link using the "Browser" option). Allow Uniswap to import the $ACYC token when prompted. Alternatively you can import it manually by copying the contract address here: 0xb56a1f3310578f23120182fb2e58c087efe6e147

Make sure $ETH (which should be on top) is being swapped for $ACYC (which should be on the bottom).

Step 3: Adjust Slippage

In order to purchase $ACYC, you will need to adjust your slippage between 10–15%. To do this, press the settings wheel in the top right of the Uniswap trade interface. This slippage accounts for our purchase tax of 10%, which will be reflected back to all ACYC holders. It also helps ensure transactions are not front-run.

Step 4: Purchase $ACYC

Enter the amount you want to purchase. Make sure to account for gas. Once confirmed, you will be asked to confirm the transaction on your wallet. Make sure to click β€œIMPORT” when prompted to ensure your tokens are visible in your wallet.

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