Pond Operators

Each investment Pond has it's own Operator managing it who receives a percentage of the overall returns from the Pond; allowing Traders to bootstrap capital to trade with and share in the benefits.

The ACYC Protocol allows traders the opportunity to leverage their abilities without having a lot of liquid capital, and without having to directly expose their own capital to the markets. By providing a forum for traders to bootstrap capital, they can trade using more funds than they otherwise would be able to, and share in the rewards with Pond Contributors.

Every time an Operator opens a Pond to contribution, they will have to define several things:

  • the trading style/asset class that they will employ in that specific Pond

  • the target amount they will raise from Contributors for the Pond

  • the target return for the Pond that, when reached, will mark the end of the Pond and distributions of rewards

  • the % of the returns that they will take as their share for Operating the Pond.

  • A rough estimate of the duration of the Pond / timeline to reach target return

Upon the completion of a Pond's return goal and distributions thereof, Operators are under no obligation to open another Pond if they don't so desire. If they do wish to open another Pond, they are free to do so with the same requirements as the first in what must be defined. Thus, Operators have the opportunity to build a reputation on the protocol as having X successful Ponds (or X unsuccessful Ponds).

Pond Operators are able to set a range between 25-50% of the Pond's returns that they will take as their fee for operating the Pond. This ensures Operators are properly incentivized to perform well with their Pond (as best as possible).

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