Farming as a Service vs. Investing as a Service

ACYC differs greatly from other protocols through our resilient Trader Ponds, ensuring diversified investments with fixed return targets & investment strategies well beyond just Farming.

Farming as a Service, or FaaS for short, is a newly developing sector of the larger cryptocurrency markets. It highlights protocols that incentivize buyers by investing on their behalf in DeFi yield farming, later returning the profits to those holders. ACYC is an evolution of Farming as a Service (FaaS), and we have dubbed it Investing as a Service (IaaS)–as the scope of ACYC’s profit-making strategies go beyond just farming. Beyond that key difference, there are many other details that set us apart from others in the FaaS and IaaS sector.

One of the biggest differences between ACYC and any other protocol, is our novel trader Pond mechanics. Where other *aaS protocols focus on one centrally managed treasury with a handful of internally elected operators, ACYC finds resilience in having many different potential Operators and each Pond acting as its own treasury of sorts. This allows us to have fixed return targets and schedules, unlike other protocols where it is just at the whim of the controller to decide how and when profits are redistributed. Each Pond can employ different investment strategies, trade different asset classes, have unique return targets, etc.; all of which lead to an extremely resilient system with no single operator or investment as a point of failure.

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