ACYC's token supply outlined. Fixed, in circulation, and a fully fair launch.

$ACYC has a fixed supply of exactly one trillion tokens, and all of them are already in circulation. There will never be any more, or any less, than one trillion tokens.

It is important to note the lack of inflation on $ACYC, because the reflections that holders earn are “real”-you are always gaining actual equity in the ACYC market share.

By contrast, in traditional reflecting protocols you may earn more tokens, but as the amount of those tokens in circulation is inflationary, it dilutes the supply. The result is that you end up with more tokens that are all worth less. Some protocol’s solution for this is to send these extra tokens to a “burn wallet” to take them out of circulation, but this is a temporary bandage that only creates a new problem. The problem being that you end up with a large wallet that reflects and grows on its own, eventually taking the majority of the token, reducing the amount of reflections holders get, and ultimately consuming nearly the entire supply as it reflects exponentially more and more over time. This is why ACYC wrote our contract from the ground up to be truly non-inflationary, and have no burn wallet.

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