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January Performance Report

ACYC's first treasury performance report from January 2021.
​Our January Performance report was the first one detailing our investment performance. This report was made after approximately 1 month of active management of all layers of our protocol that existed at the time. Overall Fund Performance In our first month of operation, the treasury grew 2.6 million dollars in size, and we distributed over $750k of tokens in USD terms at time of distribution. Our total actively managed/invested fund balance sat at 420ETH, $1.38mn, at time of reporting. $ACYC the token is factored into the overall treasury balance, as those funds are used for compensation/distribution, so fluctuations in the price of that also have effect on the balances.
Dione - Dip Buying Fund Dione, our dip purchasing/crypto trading fund had a balance of 56ETH at the time of reporting. The most profitable single trade in the month was catching a $Bezoge dip for $37,000 in one trade. Our expert traders are unmatched in their ability to capitalize on price action like this.
Atlas - NFT Fund In our first month of operation, our Atlas NFT fund had a slew of amazing trades, the largest being a $161,000 gain on a single Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT flip. Recognizing and seizing opportunities to capitalize on assets such as this in short periods is unique to ACYC, and shows our acumen in the space.
Pan - Early Entry Token Trading Protocol Pan, our algorithm that monitors and purchases/sells new token listings, had a fantastic first month in operation. We are always improving Pan, but in her first month alone she made a $30,000 gain on just one of the entries.
Titan - Farming Protocol Despite only having our farming operation running for a few weeks prior to this reporting, our fund was able to grow 24ETH in actively managed farming funds. This is a fantastic and stable return on a very large amount of capital. 24% increase in a single month when markets were less than optimal illustrates extremely well our ability to manage funds at scale.