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Treasury Profit Redistribution

ACYC uses investment profits to purchase $ACYC tokens and distribute them to holders.
It is important to emphasize that the primary mechanism for manual reflections (profit distribution) is via purchasing $ACYC tokens with profits on the open market.
The ACYC team uses the treasury investment profits to market-buy $ACYC tokens, adding buying pressure to $ACYC, and then manually reflects those tokens to $ACYC holders. This mechanism allows the ACYC team to effectively maximize profit redistributions by timing those purchases for maximum yield and distribution. Once the treasury reaches a sufficiently large size (see: ACYC Growth Phases), ACYC can perform daily manual reflections–which would result in significant daily buying pressure on $ACYC and significant compounding reflections for holders. As of now, when distributing profits from treasury investments, 50% of the distribution goes to buying $ACYC and manually reflecting that to holders. 35% of the distribution remains in the treasury for further investment, and the remaining 15% is allocated to team expenses and operating costs for ACYC.