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Reflections are the means by which profits from our investments are shared with $ACYC holders.
There are two kinds of reflections built into the ACYC ecosystem–automatic reflections, and manual reflections. Automatic reflections occur without any action taken by the ACYC team. Whenever anyone purchases $ACYC, there is a 10% buy tax. This 10% buy tax is automatically reflected (distributed), proportionally to all $ACYC holders. Holders do not have to do anything to receive these reflections - no claiming, no staking, your balance of tokens just increases. For a technical explanation of how reflections are able to occur without the need for staking or claiming, refer to the FAQ section.
Manual reflections are executed by the ACYC team by using investment profits to purchase $ACYC tokens from the market, and then by distributing those tokens proportionally to all holders. Currently, manual reflections occur at the discretion of the ACYC team, waiting for opportune moments to provide maximum benefit to holders. That being said, the goal is to eventually have large enough treasury funds to manually reflect daily. As an example, once the treasury reaches $100,000,000, we would potentially be receiving enough interest from yield farming to manually reflect $125k-250k a day without touching the treasury’s principle.