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Yield Farming

Yield Farming is the core of our treasury operations. All of ACYC's investment profits are compounded through this avenue.
Yield farming is lending or staking cryptocurrency to earn interest. Farming is integral in growing our treasury for two reasons–it is scalable and consistent. This allows us to take massive amounts of capital and generate consistent income for the treasury. You can check out our farming portfolio, named Titan, on this page.
Scalability is a huge factor because as our treasury grows, we need investment strategies that work with large sums of money. For example, while Pan is incredibly useful at investing in live new pairs for big percentage gains, you cannot invest $10m into a live new pair. With farming, you can invest tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of dollars, and still generate sizable returns.
In addition to the scalability of farming being important, its consistency is also important. The returns on farming are more predictable, and interest is generated daily. It isn’t reliant on a live new pair getting traction, or an NFT selling, or a market being conducive to risk-on crypto trading.
For these reasons, all profits made by our ACYC trading team ultimately find their way to our team of very experienced yield farmers. Our yield farmers take the profits sent to them and compound them through yield farming. They utilize a mix of farming strategies, from low risk to high risk, to maximize earnings for the ACYC treasury. The long-term goal is to take the interest made from farming and distribute it, daily, to all $ACYC holders via manual reflections.