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NFT Trading Strategies

Using NFTs we can generate significant treasury profits, leveraging our connections and experience in the space to trade more effectively than anyone else.
NFTs are expensive, expansive, and extremely capital intensive. At ACYC, we aim to give our holders the benefits of trading NFTs, especially massively expensive ones, by executing these trades ourselves with the treasury's capital and returning those profits. We have a team of highly experienced and well-known NFT traders, who are continually researching new projects, and looking for trading opportunities in established projects.
Our operators are extremely effective, and have been known to generate amazing returns seizing NFT opportunities that others miss. Our portfolio includes everything from new mints, to high-dollar blue chip projects. You can view our NFT portfolio, named Atlas, on this page. In addition to the manual trades made by our team, we also utilize our proprietary protocol named Mimas to execute new mints. This allows us to mint many NFTs effectively and compete against other automated minting protocols, as those have become the norm in this space. We also leverage the well-connected, well-researched analysis of our NFT traders to determine which projects are worth minting, and to help us secure presale spots when available and if necessary. This gives us access to basically risk-free investments with many multiples of returns.