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Crypto Trading Strategies

Trading cryptocurrencies can be extremely lucrative. Be it very small market cap coins, to opportunities in larger coin dips, we capture all profits in crypto.
The ACYC team is continually researching and analyzing various cryptocurrencies, finding the best opportunities to generate profit over both the short, and long term. Our traders have a long history of success trading in both bull markets and bear markets, which makes us very well equipped to seize profits in all market conditions.
In addition to trades made manually by our team, we employ the use of two algorithms to assist in our trading - named Pan, and Dione. Pan - Pan is used to invest in brand new coins (also known as live new pairs), helping us allocate capital as early as possible. The goal of Pan is to get exposure to the rapid, exponential gains that are usually only possible with live new token listings. This “pennies to dollars” investment strategy gives us the ability to risk very small amounts of capital for the potentiality of gaining significant capital. Pan opens these small positions, and closes them for significant gains at opportune moments. Over time, Pan has generated significant capital for our treasury, providing consistent and regular returns on very little investment. While our team does give general updates on Pan, we keep the specifics close to the chest in order to avoid being front-run or influencing market behavior.
Dione - Dione is used to buy large dips and sell the bounces for profit on select coins chosen by our trading team. Dione excels at taking large amounts of money and making very regular consistent returns on trades. You can look at Dione’s portfolio on this page. Dione is also manually operated by our skilled crypto traders, sometimes with limit orders set to execute at certain ranges, buying and selling crypto for profit in an efficient, hands-off way. Whether it is automatic, or manual, Dione is always “buying the dips, and selling the rips”. Dione has executed trades in excess of 25% profits on significant amounts of capital in less than ten minutes, providing our treasury quick means to speedy returns on large balances.