Website & Dashboard Overhaul

We are always updating, redesigning, and rearchitecting the ACYC website to best illustrate our message and performance.
There are two two key areas of focus for us while redesigning the website and dashboard, aesthetics and quality of information.
The first area of focus is an improvement to the aesthetic of both the website and dashboards. The presentation of our website and dashboard should visually signify ACYC’s level of quality and status as a blue chip IaaS protocol. For this reason, ACYC has hired a team of in-house graphic design artists and engineers to completely overhaul the aesthetic and functionality of the website and all the dashboards.
The second area of focus is improving the quality of information available on our website and dashboard tools. The website has been rewritten to be more concise and digestible, and also to cover the full scope of ACYC. ACYC is a fairly complex project, so we aim to inform our investors as thoroughly as possible in order to fully understand how ACYC works, how the treasury is growing, and what our goals are.
Additionally, the dashboard tools are being redesigned to display more detailed information. Overhauls to the dashboards for the dashboard homepage, Dione, Titan, and Atlas are all in the works. Our developers are also creating a reflections projections tool, to give investors an idea of how many daily reflections they can be earning while the treasury is at a given size.