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Alpha Pass Project

ACYC has a range of tools at our disposal that help to inform our investment decisions; we aim to make these tools available through an alpha pass NFT project.
The details of the Alpha Pass have not been revealed in full yet, this is just a brief summation of what we are planning; the tip of the iceberg. The Alpha Pass is an NFT collection that grants owners access to a Discord centered around sharing alpha, and providing tools for staying plugged into alpha. This Discord aims to be one of the most comprehensive sources of alpha on the internet, being limited not only to community members sharing information, but also being set up with a multitude of information feeds that keep you on the pulse of key happenings in the market. The expert tools, analytics, and information that will be available in this server are what the ACYC team uses to inform our own investment decisions, both for the treasury and our individual movements.
Sales from this NFT collection will provide a significant boost to our treasury funds. This will help expedite our journey to a $100m+ Treasury, and help move us into the next phase of ACYC.