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Profit Yielding Strategies

ACYC's diverse, risk-adjusted strategies for yielding profits across markets is second-to-none.
Many FaaS protocols focus on just DeFi farming, hence the word “Farming” in the title. While this is a strong investment strategy for consistent and steady returns on large amounts of capital, we find relying on that alone to be very limiting for growth, and not resilient to shifting market conditions.
One of the advantages to investing in ACYC is that we have many risk-adjusted investment strategies that curate a diverse and extremely profitable portfolio, much beyond simply farming. Our Treasury has a team dedicated to getting profitable exposure to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, in addition to farming. This allows us to generate profits across multiple market sectors, regardless of what the state of those markets are. Instead of being stuck simply farming like many other protocols, All Coins Yield Capital focuses on exactly that: generating capital from all coins in the market.
The ACYC team's connections, knowledge, and experience in the space are unmatched and can't be replicated elsewhere. We leverage those abilities to maximize our profit potential when seeking new investment opportunities for the treasury.