Phase 3 - $100m+ Treasury & Daily Manual Reflections

The last phase in the first iteration of what ACYC is building is a treasury with sufficient size to distribute profits to holders daily.
Upon hitting a Treasury size of $100m, we will potentially be able to purchase and manually reflect between $125-$250k in $ACYC tokens per-day to holders.
This daily yield would be produced just from the interest earned from a mix of yield farming strategies, without needing to touch the $100m treasury principle. Yield farming will be the primary focus during this phase, because it is the best way to produce stable and consistent gains with large amounts of capital.
In addition to $ACYC holders earning daily yield via manual reflections, the $ACYC token will also be experiencing daily buying pressure from the ACYC treasury via market buybacks.
A $100m treasury does not mean we will stop trying to grow the treasury. We will still be using the expertise of our trading and farming teams to continue growing the treasury. The larger the treasury grows, the more daily yield we will be able to reflect to holders.