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Phase 1 - Treasury Growth & Occasional Reflections

Step 1 to ACYC's long-term vision is growing the treasury sufficiently.
This is the phase ACYC is currently in, with focuses largely on building the treasury and expanding development on the investment products we have created.
In order to deliver lucrative, daily manual reflections, our treasury needs to be built to a sufficient size–with our long term goal being a $100m+ treasury. At a $100m treasury, we can potentially yield enough to manually distribute between $125k-$250k per day. In the interest of $ACYC holders, we are currently prioritizing building funds for our treasury in order to reach this goal faster, rather than prioritizing manual reflections. This means an emphasis on providing our trading and farming teams with the necessary capital to take controlled risks and make gains for the treasury.
Once we reach a $100m treasury, manual reflections will be a daily occurrence–whereas right now, manual reflections are executed at opportune moments. These opportune moments currently include when $ACYC is at a nice entry price, for marketing campaigns centered around manual reflections, and to simply reward $ACYC holders in celebration of big trading wins for the treasury.