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All Coins Yield Capital

The biggest profits in crypto - wrapped into one coin. Pioneers of Investing as a Service (IaaS).
ACYC's aim is to provide all the benefits and more of a crypto hedge-fund, without the overhead required for individuals to participate in such an enterprise. We make profits investing, then return that to holders. Our operations are similar to a traditional hedge fund or market aggregator, but for cryptocurrency and markets adjacent to it. ACYC invests, so you don't have to. We call this model Investing as a Service.
ACYC aims to provide exposure to complicated and expensive investing opportunities by doing nothing more than simply holding our token, $ACYC. The core purpose of ACYC is to amass a large treasury via a multitude of investment strategies, and then use those treasury funds to yield interest at scale and distribute those profits to $ACYC holders through a process called reflections. As our treasury grows, so too does the yield that is reflected (distributed) to holders. Our investment strategies are focused on all crypto and crypto-adjacent sectors; including, but not limited to, cryptocurrency trading, NFT trading, and DeFi yield farming. This model is an evolution of Farming as a Service (FaaS); we have dubbed it Investing as a Service (IaaS), as the scope of ACYC’s profit-making ventures goes well beyond farming.
These varying sectors of investments allow us to be resilient across market conditions, profiting always even when one sector is underperforming. ACYC also has a focus on developing a suite of products to further our advantage over the markets. The principal of this suite of products is to provide additional leverage to our investment abilities, allowing us to automate investing where human activity is inefficient. ACYC is always building, improving, and expanding these investment protocols.

Getting Started

Got 3 minutes? Check out a video overview of ACYC:
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